This project is my passion project which united all influences that I grew up until now : Classical music, jazz and improvisation. We strive to create bridges between different styles and musicians, fusing music from the past with influences from today.
This first opus is inspired by works from Johann Sebastian Bach. My duo with soprano Lucie Chartin has joined some jazzmen to explore a new sound and possibilities where different influences are meeting and crossing. We present a 'de-colonized' version of Bach, in which the social structures of counterpoint are liberated to the democratic processes of jazz, improvisation and collaboration.


We have a new Live recording !!! Our last performance during the Nachtklang 2018 of the Musikfest Erzgebirge has been recorded and Broadcast on the Deutschlandfunk kultur :










Joao Driessen (Saxophone), Mihail Ivanov (Bass), Joan Térol (Drums)



First recording with the Jazz Mobius Ring Trio in Paris







Pascal Mabit (Saxophone), Emmanuel Forster (Bass), Kevin Luchetti (drums)


Special thanks to sound engineer Alice le Moigne for the recording and Classical News for the Teaser in Paris!


Photo credits : Mathias Marx/ Musikfest Erzgebirge














































Collectif Trytone

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